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Unlock your FileMaker business with the backing of a FileMaker powerhouse.
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Take your FileMaker business to the next level

The days of going it alone are over

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Need UX, design, data-modeling, JSON, or web-services integration?
REST API, Javascript charting, Oauth2 and webhooks getting in the way?

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Struggling with how you grow your company?
Are you turning down work because you can't meet delivery dates or are worried about handling the risks?

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Your clients love you, but how do you maintain your hard-won business reputation?
Who can you trust to help you with critical aspects of your business?

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Join forces with Proof. Win.

Proof's development team has a passion for discovering how things work. We've spent decades immersed in the technologies and development practices that allow FileMaker to thrive in the enterprise ecosystem. From N-tierd architecture to Party Model, lightning fast elastic search to REST API integrations, TeamUp with Proof gives you direct access to our knowledge and expertise so that you can reach new heights.

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More team. More time.

You know your customers are ready for more and can take advantage of tighter workflow, integration, data visualization, or an SSO security model. Rely on the Proof core team and its extensive affiliate network to understand not only what is feasible and theoretical but what has actually been performant and succesful.
TeamUp with Proof offers you the opportunity to expand your capacity when you need it where you need it.

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You're struggling with the challenges of maintaining your competative edge when your solutions are expected to do so much more. You know you can trust Proof's passion for mastery to confidently use better technologies.
TeamUp with Proof is the partnership you need to continue providing excellent service to your clients.